Your Prescription

Before you place an order with, you must ensure that you have a copy of your prescription that was given to you at your last eye examination. If your prescription is less than 2 years old you can go ahead and place an order with us. If it is over two years old we advise that you go to your usual local or high street optician and obtain a new prescription. By law, your Optician must provide you with a clear, legible copy of your prescription after an eye test, and you should not be subjected to any pressure to buy from them.


1. SPH or SPHERE: component is the main correction 2. CYL or CYLINDER: component is the fine tuning, means you have astigmatism i.e. your eyeball is a rugby ball shape rather than a perfect sphere. Sometimes there will be a “DS” entered in this box. This simply means there are no values present for the CYL or AXIS. 3. AXIS: describes the direction of the cylinder component 4. ADD or NEAR ADDITION: reading part of your prescription 5. Prism: Prism is sometimes required to correct a misaligned eye. 6. Base: This will show the direction of the prism if required. 7. When there is no prescription present there are a number of ways this can be written. 0.00/pl/plano/infinity/number 8 on its side.
Here are some prescription examples:

Understanding my prescription

This prescription contains information for both Distance and Reading. Your prescription may not contain both sets of information. It is quite normal for you prescription to only have one prescription either for distance or near.


Understanding my glasses prescription

This prescription contains information for Distance and Reading but the optician has written the reading addition (ADD) across the bottom. This is applicable for both eyes. If your prescription is written in this way and you only want reading glasses, please enter this value in the ‘ADD’ input boxes on our order form after you have selected ‘READING’ for your glasses usage. Enter your distance values for the rest of the form and we’ll do the maths for you!

The (+) and (-) values are a vital part of your prescription. Please double check when entering your prescription at the order stage. If your prescription reads 1.25 instead of +1.25, it is likely that it is supposed to be a plus value but we advise you to double check with whoever provided you with your prescription. Please enter the axis details exactly as written on your prescription. I.e. if prescription states 155 please do not enter 15.5. If your axis does have a decimal point please round the value up to the nearest whole number. e.g. 145.8 should be entered as 146. You may see the word BALANCE written across the boxes for one of your eyes. This means that the lens power is irrelevant for that eye, and that the appearance and weight of the lens should match the other eye for cosmetic purposes. If this is the case for you, please just use the same prescription information from your seeing eye for the balance eye at the order stage. We do not require the V/A numbers written 6/6 as these numbers are not required when making up your glasses. Please note that if your prescription has PRISM information we will be unable to provide you with prescription glasses at this time.
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