Repair snapped glasses and sunglasses

How we repair your snapped plastic glasses

Does your frame look like this?

Don't worry.  We can often fix acetate frames, and we'll show you how we do it in the next few steps. We have successfully fixed snapped Ray-Ban, Prada, Versace, Tom Ford, Cristian Dior, Oliver Peoples, Cutler & Gross and many more designer glasses and sunglasses.

Dark frames and tortoiseshell patterns produce the best results where, even under very close inspection, you will not be able to see the previous damage.

Repairing snapped glasses

Step 1

We use chemical bonding to effectively melt the two broken parts back together. This is where we get the best idea of if we are going to get a successful bond. Some acetate frames just refuse to stick back together, this can be due to a number of factors such as the quality of acetate or age. But, don't worry, if this happens your payment is refunded in full.

We let this cure for a few hours before we go to the next stage which is adding a new piece of acetate to the back surface.

Repairing snapped glasses

Step 2

We cut away through the damaged area, almost to the middle section of the break. We soak a new piece of matching acetate in chemicals until it is sticky and then firmly press this new piece into the area we have now carved away. We let this cure for a few hours or more, depending on the thickness of the frame.

We have successfully bonded snapped vintage frames up to 40 years old!

Repairing snapped glasses

Step 3

We remove the excess material from the back, using a coping saw, and do exactly as we did in step 2 to the front section of the break with another piece of new acetate.

Repairing snapped glasses

Step 4

We remove the excess material from the front, and then use various machine and hand tools to profile the bridge on the front and the back. It is finished off with a full polish and the lenses are re-fitted ready for you to wear again.

Repair Complete!

If you would like to purchase this repair for your glasses, you can find it in our custom repair menu here

Repairing snapped glasses