Lens reglazing

Reglazing means putting new prescription lenses into your own frame. This can be an older frame where you would like to update your old prescription, or it can be a brand new frame which you have bought elsewhere.

Standard lenses

Single vision | Bifocal | Varifocal

Reglazing means putting new or updated prescription lenses into your own frame.

We offer a range of indices (the higher the index, the thinner the lens) 1.5, 1.53 Trivex, 1.6, and 1.67. We can also supply 1.59 Polycarbonate although we now recommend Trivex as an improved alternative to this impact resistant material. 1.74 index is available and you can find 1.74 on our thin lenses page.

You can also add sun tints, Transitions® and polarised to our standard lenses.

Premium varifocal lenses

Essilor Varilux

Varilux X design, Physio 3.0, Comfort Max

Eyezen™ Start and Eyezen™ Boost enhanced single vision lenses

Transitions® Gen 8 / Xtractive Transitions®

All lenses come with Crizal Sapphire/Crizal Prevencia/Crizal Drive coatings


Precision Superb & Precision Plus, SmartLife Superb & SmartLife Plus

All lenses come with Duravision Platinum coatings


Hoya iD Lifestyle, Balansis and Amplitude

All lenses come with Hoya Hi-vision Aqua coatings


Presio Power, Presio Master, Seemax Power, Seemax Master.

All lenses come with Seecoat Plus UV coatings


Please contact us to discuss your Seiko lens reglazing as the lens products are not available to list online

premium single vision lens reglazing

Single vision

We also offer premium single vision lens reglazing with all the extras such as Transitions Style Colors, Zeiss PhotoFusion X and Sensity Photochromic.

We can also provide quotations for other lens manufacturers not listed here online such as Rodenstock, Shamir and BBGR

Driving lenses

Single vision | Varifocal

We can provide driving lenses from Essilor Crizal Drive, Zeiss DriveSafe and Hoya EnRoute

Experience sharper and clearer vision when driving in challenging low light conditions.

Prices start at £139.20 per pair (Essilor Crizal Drive single vision)

High prescription lenses

Single vision

Buying high prescription lenses online is possible. We recommend that you use your own frame for new prescription lenses, so that we can accurately measure your pupil distance measurement from your old lenses.

We offer lens strengths from -30.00 to +25.00.

Both plastic and glass lenses are available to reglaze online from our own in-house lenses to premium lenses from Zeiss and Tokai. All lenses come with scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings as standard.

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