Glasses repairs
Full rim and semi-rimless
Please click here for rimless repairs

Step 1

Choose your full rim frame options. If you are choosing a number of options, check that one of our repair packages is not more cost effective.

If you would like more advice on your repair, you can upload photos of the damage via our contact page.

Step 2

You will receive two confirmation emails, one from us and one from Paypal. Please print either and include with your glasses. If you do not have a printer, please note your name, address and order number on a piece of paper. Please package your glasses securely, preferably in a hard case.

Step 3

Post your glasses to us, via Royal Mail, to this address:

Simplespex Ltd
Maidstone Rd
ME18 5HB

Frame Repair - Custom Package

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Metal (Full rim), Plastic (Full rim) and Semi-Rimless frames

Choose your options:*

Rimless frames

For rimless repairs, please click here to see our new rimless repair page
Price includes return delivery.

Paint match will be as near as possible to frame colour.
All solder options include paint match to nearest colour.
Sides are replaced to the nearest match

We can only polish solid plastic frames. If your frame has a very high gloss or metallic finish (like car paint) usually found on sports wrap frames, it is likely to be lacquered. We do not recommend polishing lacquered frames. If the lacquer is visibly cracking and peeling away, we will not be able to polish the frame.

If we encounter any other problems with your frame we will contact you to discuss it.

If we receive your frame and it is not suitable for repair with the options you have chosen, we will call you to to inform you, and return the frame with a refund minus our £7.00 handling and postage fee.
Your frame must be sent to us via Royal Mail. We can only accept items sent via Royal Mail. Frame repair packages are available to UK customers only.

Please include a copy of your order (which will be sent to you via email) with your frame. If you do not have a printer, a piece of paper with your name and order number (found on the email) will be fine.