Premium varifocal lens reglazing

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How we measure your pupil distance and fitting heights

Your existing varifocal lenses already have some hidden engravings on them (the small red circles in our graphic). These tell us your pupil distance and your vertical fitting height measurements, so you don’t need to measure this yourself.

The only two things we require, to be able to provide you with affordable varifocal lenses, are your glasses and your latest prescription – you can enter this in the form below.

Do you need further advice?

We understand that purchasing replacement varifocal lenses online may feel a little strange, but if you already have varifocal lenses in your existing frame then it is a very simple process and there is no need to worry.

If you do have any questions, please do get in touch and we can guide you through the process.


What if I don't have varifocal lenses, or they are only single vision?

Please only purchase varifocal lenses if you are an existing varifocal wearer and the glasses you are sending to us to be reglazed already have varifocal lenses fitted. If the frame you would like to be glazed with varifocal lenses either has non-prescription or only single vision lenses currently fitted (i.e. distance only or reading only), please contact us as there are additional steps required for us to obtain a fitting height measurement before purchasing. If your frame is not currently fitted with varifcocal lenses, we will require a photograph of you wearing the frame to be able to provide varifocal lenses. You can view the guide on this page 

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