Frame Repair Service

Repair package includes:
✓ Replace nose pads (metal frames)
✓ Replace end-tips (metal frames)
✓ Frame polish (plastic frames)


Repair package includes:
✓ Replace nose pads (metal frames)
✓ Replace end-tips (metal frames)
✓ Frame polish (plastic frames)
✓ Single point solder
✓ Touch up paint at solder point


Repair package includes:
✓ Replace nose pads (metal frames)
✓ Replace end-tips (metal frames)
✓ Frame polish (plastic frames)
✓ Single point solder
✓ Touch up paint at solder point
✓ Two further solder points (on same frame)
✓ Replace and secure screws
✓ Ultrasonic clean


This repairs package allows you to choose from an extensive list of full rim and semi-rimless repair options.

Please check that it is not cheaper to order the Gold, Silver or Bronze packages.

You can choose from:
Nose pads/pad arms, replacement screws, End-tips(ear covers), frame straightening, hinge repair, semi rimless cord replacement, replacement glasses arms, titanium welding, soldering, snapped glasses frame repairs.

From £5

This repairs package allows you to choose from an extensive list of rimless repair options.

You will find Silhouette rimless repairs using genuine Silhouette parts, and options to replace your Silhouette parts with stainless steel or titanium copy parts.

From £5

This repairs package allows you to choose choose repair options for your Swissflex Classic eyewear system, purchase brand new customised rimless glasses, or just replace the lenses on your Swissflex Classic glasses.

We offer a choice of 70 colours, and you can even mix and match component colours to create a unique pair of glasses.

We use Trivex lenses on all of our new Swissflex glasses and Swissflex re-glazes, for its superior strength.

A closer look at your frame

Repair my spectacles and glasses online

The most common breakages occur where the bridge meets the rim, where the pad arm meets the rim, and at the joint (the hinge which attaches the arm to the lug).

If you would like any advice before placing a repair order, please go to the contact page where you can upload photos to help with your enquiry.

Glasses repair – what we can repair for you

We can repair most types of spectacle frame. If you have a plastic frame with a snapped bridge or a metal frame with a broken nose pad, we can repair your glasses frame. We can also offer titanium spectacle frame repairs.

Some of the following information may sound like jargon, but it will help you choose the frame repair/restoration package you require.


You will need this If you have a metal frame and it has snapped at any point i.e. the side/arm has come away from the frame or snapped at the bridge etc.

Titanium Weld

Exactly the same as a solder, but titanium frames have to be welded. If you are unsure whether your frame is titanium, order as a normal solder and we will inform you if it is titanium when we receive your frame.

Frame straightening and realignment

If your frame is distorted but has not snapped, usually when they’ve been sat on, then this is what you will need.

Nose pads

The little plastic or silicone parts that sit on your nose. Pads can be lost or just wear out and it is a quick fix to replace these. If the metal arm (pad arm) that holds the pad in place has broken away too, you will need to choose a package with a solder option. Don’t worry if you have lost any pad arm parts, we replace them as part of the solder repair.

Replacement glasses arms (Side arms)

If you have snapped one of the arms on your glasses we can replace the arms (supplied as a pair) to the nearest match.

This is not to be confused with a broken hinge/joint.

Replacing hinges/joints

If your side/arm has broken at the joint we can repair this. There are a number of different ways in which we repair hinges depending on if it is a sunken/hidden hinge, sprung hinge or a standard conventional hinge. They are all the same price to fix and all replacement hinges ensure the side arms will open and close as normal.

Lost/loose screws

If your lens keeps falling out, your screws may have become loose. The screw(s) may have been lost altogether and you have now been left with a lens that has fallen out of your frame. We can rectify this. Choose a package with replacement screws, our Custom Package will be the best value if this is all you need, and then send your frame and loose lens(es) to us and we will secure the screws, fix the barrel if necessary and apply a small amount of fixing solution to prevent them coming loose in the future. If your lenses are loose and we find it is not the screws causing it, and that the lenses are actually slightly to small for the frame, we will apply a small amount of packing to the rims instead of replacing the screws. This is the only way to fix a loose lens which is too small for the frame.

Frame Polishing

Plastic frame looking a bit tired and dull? Choose this option and it will look like new!!

Ultrasonic Clean

This is for cleaning metal frames where debris has collected around the edges of lenses and nose pads.

End tips

These are the plastic bits on a metal frame that sit on your ears. These can crack over time and replacing them to give some life back to a tired looking spectacle frame. We will replace your end tips with the closest match possible.

Silhouette rimless repair

We can fit replacement Silhouette titanium parts to your frame. We can replace the parts with genuine Silhoeutte components, or we can swap with our more affordable copy components. We can replace rimless bridges and side arms on most rimless frames. Please visit the rimless repair order form.

Ray-Ban glasses and branded sunglasses and glasses repair

We can replace genuine replacement Ray-Ban sunglass lenses or sides/arms and restore to their best with a straighten and frame polish*.  Please contact us so we can check the availability of parts before you place an order. Sides from £55 and lenses from £60.

We can repair most brands of glasses and sunglasses including broken Tom Ford, Tiffany, Prada, Persol, Ted Baker, Tag Heuer, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Oliver Peoples, Oakley, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein and many others. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your repair requirements.

* Non matte/lacquered finishes only.
** Touch up paint to closest colour match