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Here you will be able to assess exactly what your frame requires for the repair.
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What we can repair

The little bits

Screws | Nose pads | End tips | Semi rimless cords

Full rim frames

Hinges | Side arms | Soldering | Welding | Ultrasonic cleaning | Straightening | Plating | Snapped acetate repair | Asian fit pad arms

Rimless repairs

We offer an extensive range of rimless repairs and component replacement Silhouette | Stepper | Cartier | TAG | CK | Zuma | Swissflex & more


If your frame is made from metal (not titanium), and a part of it has snapped i.e. rims, nose pad arms, bridge to rims, or where the rim closes, this is what you need. Don’t worry if you have lost a nose pad arm, we can replace it, but it does help us if you can send any loose parts along with the frame.

From £40.00

>> Custom repair package


Titanium glasses frames usually have titanium/titan/titanflex/flex or something similar written on them. You can also test them with a magnet because a titanium frame will have a very weak magnetic pull compared to a metal frame. We can repair the same areas as listed in the soldering section.

From £55.00

>> Custom repair package

Spring hinges

glasses spring hinge repair

Usually, when these snap, you are left with a small metal part attached to the screw with a small metal stub leftover. Often you can poke the metal stub back inside the spring box (the rectanglar metal section attached to the side arm itself). We can replace the spring for you. Try not to glue it in as it makes our job much harder trying to get the other half of the broken spring out of the box.


>> Custom repair package

Rivet hinges

glasses riveted pinned hinge repair

These hinges are held on by metal rivets. Identifiable by two small metal bumps (sometimes three, on larger joints) pinning the joint to the side arm (as photo) or the front of the frame. The pins travel through the plastic and are finished with either two small, flush pin heads or a bar trim (which come in various styles like on Ray-Ban, Moscot or Ollie Quinn frames). The screw fitting part may look different to the photo but the principle is the same.


>> Custom repair package

Soldered hinges

glasses soldered hinge repair

It does not matter if the part on the side arm or the part on the front has broken, if it looks like one piece of metal fused to another, it requires a solder hinge repair. If your frame has ‘Titanium’ written on it, it will require a weld instead.


>> Custom repair package

Sunken hinges

glasses sunken or hidden hinge repair

These hinges are always seen on plastic frames. They have small ‘teeth’ which is sunken into the plastic. Usually the part where the screw fits through has snapped off, leaving a flat metal plate still attached to the plastic. We can remove these and fit a new hinge joint.


>> Custom repair package


straighten a bent glasses frame

You will need this if your frame has been bent out of shape, but no part has actually snapped.

This also applies to plastic/acetate frames which have become misshapen either on the plastic itself, or on the hinges.


>> Custom repair package


replace glasses and sunglasses broken screws

If your lens keeps falling out, your screws may have become loose. The screw(s) may have been lost altogether and you have now been left with a lens that has fallen out of your frame. You may find that a screw has actually snapped, leaving a small part of it in the hole. We can fix that.


>> Custom repair package


polish a plastic acetate glasses frame

Sometimes acetate frames suffer from oxidation. This appears as a dull/white coating on areas of the plastic frame. A polish will remove all of this and restore a full shine to the frame.


>> Custom repair package


ultrasonic clean glasses

Sometimes metal frames just need a deep clean to remove all the debris and grime which can build up around the rims and nose pad arms. We strip the frame down and the ultrasonic clean gets into every area.


>> Custom repair package

Nose pads

replace glasses nose pads

We can replace your nose pads with new silicone pads. You can even specify in our additional comments box if you would prefer larger/smaller pads.


>> Custom repair package

End tips

replace plastic end tips ear covers for glasses

These are the plastic bits on a metal frame that sit on your ears. These can crack over time and replacing them will give some life back to a tired looking spectacle frame. We will replace your end tips with the closest match possible.


>> Custom repair package

Plastic side arms

replace glasses side arms legs temples

Side arms, legs, temples, wings (whatever you like to call them) We can replace spring hinge side arms, standard joint side arms with a range of colours. We always replace with the closest match available. Please check that a joint/hinge repair is not more suitable, as often repairing what you have already got is better than replacing a whole side arm. Side arms are supplied and fitted as a pair.


>> Custom repair package

Metal side arms

replace glasses side arms legs temples

We have lots of styles available for metal replacement side arms/temples/legs/wings!

Again, as with the plastic sides arms, if it is the hinge section which is broken, it is often better to repair the hinge instead of replacing the side arms. Our side arms always come as a pair.


>> Custom repair package

Pad arms

add adjustable nose pad arms to plastic glasses frame

This is where we convert a plastic frame to have adjustable metal nose pad arms. This is benifical for anyone with higher cheekbones and lower nose bridges or for anyone who finds that their plastic frame keeps slipping down their nose.


>> Custom repair package

Semi-rimless cord

replace glasses cord semi rimless

If the cord underneath the lens has snapped, which likely means your lens has fallen out, we will replace it for you.


>> Custom repair package

Rimless - sleeve

This is the most common style of rimless fixing. A small plastic bar with plugs fixing onto two pins on the frame. In most cases we only replace rimless components rather than repair. If you have a Silhouette, Pl+s, Charmant, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Stepper, Chopard or anything with a fixing like the photo, we can repair your rimless frame.

>> Rimless repair package

Rimless - nut/bolt

Nut and bolt style rimless are less common and our repair options are limited to one style in three different colours. You may have this style on a Marchon Airlock or Calvin Klein rimless.

>> Rimless repair package

Snapped acetate frames

repair snapped plastic acetate glasses and sunglasses

If your acetate glasses frame has snapped through the bridge, or through the rim, we can repair this without the use of any glue. You will not see or feel the joint and it will be as strong as when it was new. You can see how we do these repairs here


>> Custom repair package

A closer look at your frame

Repair my spectacles and glasses online

The most common breakages occur where the bridge meets the rim, where the pad arm meets the rim, and at the joint (the hinge which attaches the arm to the lug).

If you would like any advice before placing a repair order, please go to the contact page where you can upload photos to help with your enquiry.

Our repair packages


  • Replace nose pads
  • Replace end tips (metal frames)
  • Polish (Plastic frames)


  • Replace nose pads / End-tips / Polish
  • Solder (at one point)
  • Touch-up paint at solder point


  • Replace nose pads / End-tips / Polish
  • Solder (at one point) / touch-up paint at solder point
  • Two further solder points (on same frame)
  • Ultrasonic clean


From £5
  • Choose from everything
  • Nose pads/pad arms, replacement screws, End-tips(ear covers), frame straightening, hinge repair, semi rimless cord replacement, replacement glasses arms, titanium welding, soldering, snapped glasses frame repairs, asian fit pad arm conversions, acetate frame polishing and more...


From £5
  • This repairs package allows you to choose from an extensive list of rimless repair options. You will find Silhouette rimless repairs using genuine Silhouette parts, and options to replace your Silhouette parts with stainless steel or titanium copy parts.


Reglazing & repair
  • Due to licensing restrictions, we are not allowed to sell Swissflex online, but we can certainly help you with the repair or reglazing of your Swissflex glasses. So please get in touch and we can guide you through the next steps for repairing or putting new lenses in your Swissflex eyewear.

    Models we provide: Classic | Loop | Rainbow
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