Essilor Road Pilot Lenses

Essilor Road Pilot lenses

Here you can easily order your Essilor Road Pilot lenses online at a fraction of the cost of the high street.

Essilor Road Pilot lenses are available in both single vision and Varilux progressive (varifocal) design.

Single vision Road Pilot from £127 per pair.
Progressive (Varilux Varifocal) Road Pilot from £159 per pair.

Benefits of Essilor Road Pilot lenses

High resolution

Enjoy sharper detail in every direction. High powered single vision lenses can often create peripheral aberration, but Road Pilot help to eliminate this distortion with high resolution vision across the entire surface of the lens.

Increased contrast

Road Pilot can help to improve the detail of objects around the wearer. Texture, fine detail and colour perception will be stronger. This will improve the wearer’s ability to react to situations on the road in lower light conditions.

Reduced aberrations

Whatever the gaze direction of the wearer, Road Pilot lenses are designed to reduce known aberrations such as power error and astigmatism. Enjoy optimal precision when driving.

Significant glare reduction

Essilor Crizal Drive anti reflective coatings help reduce reflections from on-coming lights sources (headlight dazzle) and overhead street lighting.

Varilux Road Pilot varifocal (progressive)

Optimising the distance and intermediate fields of vision gives you greater vision and comfort when switching gaze from the dashboard/instrument panels to the road ahead. The increased performance in the intermediate and distance zones improve peripheral vision so you can enjoy clear and sharp vision all day.

Road Pilot Clear

Essilor Road Pilot lenses are available in single vision and progressive (varifocal) design.

Single vision
Improve the ability to judge distances in low-light or rainy conditions.

Progressive (Varifocal)
Progressive lenses have an improved intermediate and distance zone.

Road Pilot
Xtractive Transitions®

Add a photochromic option to your Road Pilot lenses for optimum sun protection.

With Transitions® Xtractive lenses, you can always be assured of clear vision even in the brightest and most challenging daylight driving conditions as the lenses will automatically darken in brighter conditions, even inside vehicle.

Ordering online

When you order online, we are expecting you to send us your own frame for reglazing.

If you would also like to purchase a new frame along with new Essilor Road Pilot lenses, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a frame and lens package price. Many of our listed frames will be free of charge when purchased with Essilor Road Pilot or Varilux Road Pilot lenses.

You can also find out more information about these lenses via the official Essilor website


If you would prefer a quotation before placing an order, please contact us to tell us the type of lenses you would like i.e. single vision or progressive (varifocal), and also if you require any lens additions such as a polarised tint.

It will also help us to accurately quote if you can provide details of your frame to let us know what type it is i.e. full rim metal/plastic, semi-rimless (which has a nylon cord under the lenses), or rimless, where the frame is fitted directly into the lenses via plastic plugs or nuts and bolts.