Essilor Road Pilot has now been discontinued.

Essilor Road Pilot lenses have now been discontinued as the Crizal Drive coating is now available across the entire Essilor lens range.

Single vision including Crizal Drive start from £139.20 per pair.

Progressive (Essilor recommend the Comfort Max with Crizal Drive as the replacement for the previous Varilux Road Pilot). Prices from £211.20 per pair.

Benefits of Essilor Crizal Drive (formerly Road Pilot) lenses

Repels dust and water

Crizal Drive lenses repel dust particles to improve clarity and give sharper vision. The Crizal Drive coating also repels water, so the lenses stay clear.

Repels smudges

Crizal Drive repels smudges on the lenses and makes them easier to clean. For night driving, it is vitally important that our lenses are kept clean and smudge free.

Reduced UVA and UVB

Crizal Drive coatings help protect our eyes from harmful UVA and UVB light.

Significant glare reduction

Essilor Crizal Drive anti reflective coatings help reduce reflections from on-coming lights sources (headlight dazzle) and overhead street lighting. Reflections are up to 90% less than compared to a standard hard coated lens without an anti-reflective coating.

Varilux Comfort Max varifocal (progressive)

Essilor have recommended that the ideal replacement for the Road Pilot is now the Comfort Max. The Varilux Road Pilot used to have a small reading area. Combining the all-round varifocal of the Comfort Max gives wearers all the features of a standard varifocal with the glare reduction from the Crizal Drive coating.

Essilor Crizal Drive Clear

Essilor Crizal Drive coating is available on single vision and progressive (varifocal) design.

Crizal Drive
Xtractive Transitions®

Add a photochromic option to enhance your new Crizal Drive coated lenses for optimum sun protection.

With Transitions® Xtractive lenses, you can always be assured of clear vision even in the brightest and most challenging daylight driving conditions as the lenses will automatically darken in brighter conditions, even inside vehicle.

Ordering online

When you order online, we are expecting you to send us your own frame for reglazing.

If you would also like to purchase a new frame along with new Essilor Crizal Drive lenses, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a frame and lens package price.

You can also find out more information about these lenses via the official Essilor website


If you would prefer a quotation before placing an order, please contact us to tell us the type of lenses you would like i.e. single vision or progressive (varifocal), and also if you require any lens additions such as a polarised tint.

It will also help us to accurately quote if you can provide details of your frame to let us know what type it is i.e. full rim metal/plastic, semi-rimless (which has a nylon cord under the lenses), or rimless, where the frame is fitted directly into the lenses via plastic plugs or nuts and bolts.

FAQ for Crizal Drive lenses

Most frequent questions and answers

Crizal Drive is a scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating. This coating can be applied to many Essilor lenses.

Yes. It is now. Before, the Varilux Road Pilot had a smaller reading area. The Varilux Comfort Max with Crizal Drive is now Essilor’s recommendation for an all-round varifocal solution which also helps with night driving. You can also add the Crizal Drive to other Varilux lenses, such as the Varilux Physio 3.0 and XR Series.

Yes. Transitions® Xtractive fully activate inside a vehicle. Transitions Gen 8 will only partially activate inside the vehicle.

If you struggle when driving at night, a specialist driving coating is definitely something worth considering.

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