Essilor Eyezen lenses
Optimised single vision lenses for the digital age

Our visual behaviours have changed

Standard single vision lenses no longer take into account the visual range we use with different digital devices. 

These are…

  • Closer & variable distance use

    with frequent switching between digital devices

  • Different postures and eye declination

    when using handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones

  • Smaller characters

    Smartphones and tablets often have smaller and more pixelated characters

Do I need Eyezen™ lenses?

We spend a lot of time looking at screens... you're doing it right now.

EyeZen™ DualOptim technology

Standard single vision lenses are only optimised through the centre of the lens for distance. DualOptim technology optimises the entire lens surface for both distance and near vision.

EyeProtect System

Essilor's advanced blue light filter. This protection can be increased further with the addition of the Crizal Prevencia coating.

Visual fatigue reduction

Eyezen™ help your eyes to focus which can help reduce visual fatigue.

Digital device user

Digital devices demand intensive effort from your eyes to adjust to variable distances and reading pixelated characters. Eyezen™ lenses help with changes in focal distance.

How Eyezen™ lenses can help you

Essilor Eyezen™ Start

You can read more about Eyezen™ Start lenses on the official Essilor website

DualOptim Technology

The entire lens surface is optimised taking into account the two reference points of distance and near vision. Whole surface optimistation helps to ensure the right correction is used no matter whether you are looking at something further away or focusing closer to you. It also reduces distortion.

Relaxed vision

With the two reference points, for both distance and near zones, your eyes will not have to work as hard when switching focus.

EyeProtect system

Eye Protect System protects your eyes by filtering the blue-violet light into the lens while absorbing UV light.

How the Eyezen™ Start technology works

Essilor Eyezen™ Boost

You can read more about Eyezen Boost™ lenses on the official Essilor website

Focus Technology

Eyezen focus technology accounts for two areas of focus, both distance and near. Standard single vision lenses only account for one.

Additional boost

The bottom half of the lens on the Eyezen™ Boost range feature an additional boost zone. The strength of the boost is selected based on your age.

Eye Protect System

Eye Protect System protects your eyes by filtering the blue-violet light into the lens while absorbing UV light.

Combine this with the additional Crizal Prevencia to offer even more blue light protection from screens and digital devices.

How the Eyezen™ Boost technology works

Which Eyezen Boost option do you need?

Eyezen™ Boost lenses are marketed as enhanced/optimised single vision lenses, but we like to think of the Boost version as a type of varifocal as there are two different power zones on the same lens. We actually list these lenses among other varifocal lenses, to save any confusion.

If you have ever wondered how much magnification there is in the near area on an Eyezen Boost, think of one of the ready-reader frames you can find on the shelf in pharmacies, and the Eyezen 1.10 magnification in the bottom half of the lens would be similar to placing the +1.00 Dioptre ready-reader frame in front of your existing glasses.

The Boost power is weaker for younger people, as they do not require such a large correction in the near zone.

Eyezen Boost strength

Fitting height measurements for Eyezen™ lenses.

Standard single vision lenses normally have the optical centre of the lens positioned in the vertical centre of the frame.

Eyezen™ lenses require fitting at pupil centre (the same as a varifocal lens). If the frame does not already have Eyezen™ (or other varifocal) lenses fitted to it, we will need you to provide us with a photograph of you wearing the frame.

Most modern frame designs are deeper which causes our pupils to be positioned in the upper half of the frame.

We can measure your pupil distance measurement (how far apart your pupils are) from the existing lenses if the frame already has single vision distance lenses fitted to it, but we still require a photo for the fitting height measurement.

If the frame is empty or just has the manufacturers demo lenses in it, you can either send us an old prescription pair for us to measure the PD, or we can measure it from your photograph. We recommend sending an old frame.

how to measure for eyezen lenses

How to take your photo

We need this to measure the fitting height position for the Eyezen™ lenses

Camera position

This is important.

We need you to position the camera between 2.5 to 3m away from you. The camera must also be at eye level. If the person taking the photo for you is shorter/taller, it is often difficult to judge where to hold the camera, so using a tape measure to measure from the ground to your eye level can help you get the camera lens in the correct position.

You must not take a 'selfie'.

We do recommend that you zoom in on your head as this keeps the resolution higher. When we zoom in to place the guides, the image will remain nice and sharp.

Where to take the photo

Take your photo against a plain background.

All we need to see is your pupils, the whole frame and both ears. Providing we can see both pupils clearly, without any harsh reflections bouncing back from the lenses, or heavy shadows falling across the face, it doesn't really matter where you take it. However we do recommend taking the photo indoors in a bright area. Do not take the photo when it is dark outside as indoor lighting is often not bright enough.

Check your photo

For fitting height calculations

Now we don't all have perfect posture. Provided the camera was positioned at eye level, and you were standing relaxed, the side arms should appear to be fairly level, without you seeing excess of either the top or bottom edges of the side arms. If you can see more of the top or bottom edges, this will indicate that you are looking up/down or the camera is too high/low. This is not so important if we are just using the photo to calculate a pupil distance measurement.

If we are also using your photo for pupil distance calculations

You need to check all the same things as mentioned above, but you also need to check that you cannot see more of one side arm than the other. If you can, this indicates that you are turning your head. You will need to take the photo again.

Don't worry if you upload a poor image, we won't just use it when it won't give a good result, we'll contact you to request another photo is taken.

The frame you are using for your photograph must be the same frame you are sending for glazing.

Once we receive your photo, we will confirm that it is suitable for calculating fitting measurements, and we will then instruct you to place your order.

Buy transitions Generation 8 (Gen 8) lenses online
Buy Transitions Style Colors lenses online

Transitions® Gen 8 and Style Colors (Colours) are available on the Eyezen™ range

Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Sapphire


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Emerald


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Amethyst


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Amber


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Grey


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Brown


Transitions Gen 8 Style Colors Graphite Green

Graphite Green

Device overload

This is the average amount of devices used per person for learning, working and leisure.


2 out of 3 people use a smartphone every day.

computer time

64% of people spend 4 hours or more on a computer every day.

Tired eyes

3 out of 4 people suffer from tired eyes.

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