How to buy your glasses online…

  • Firstly, you need to have  your eyes tested by an optician – have a look around for the cheapest offers.  They will provide you with a prescription at the end of the eye test.  They have to give you this by law. The prescription you use to buy your spectacles online must be less than two years old.
  • Browse and try on the spectacles and sunglasses in the optician shop, you are under no obligation to buy from them. This will help you see different frame shapes and sizes and assess which suit you best. They may try the ‘hard sell’ at this point. Don’t be bullied into buying over-priced glasses and lenses, just say you’ll think about it and may come back later.
  • Visit us online and browse our extensive range of glasses and sunglasses from our budget frames to our designer frames.
  • Your glasses will then be made at our optical laboratory – the same optical laboratory where the high street opticians send their glasses to be made, ensuring that quality is no different when buying glasses online to when buying glasses at a high street store.
  • We have the majority of our frames on the shelf and ready to go – We aim to dispatch your glasses within 48hrs*

What you will need…

  • Your prescription – see our Understanding Your Prescription guide
  • Your PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement. This is the distance between your pupils.  High street opticians are unlikely to include this on your prescription – they do not have to by law.  You can ask for it but they will then know that you plan on buying your glasses online or elsewhere. They will be reluctant to give it to you. You may be able to convince them to measure it for you by saying that you may have your eyes tested elsewhere next time. See our How to measure your PD guide.
  • We do not use generic PD measurements like other online stores.  We believe that simply measuring your PD yourself using our guide generates a more accurate result.
* Lenses with anti-reflective coatings, and prescription sunglasses can take slightly longer to make, we estimate 7 days for these items.
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