Asian fit/adjustable nose pad arm conversion for plastic frames

Who needs nose pad arms added to plastic glasses frames?

It is not just people of Asian heritage who will benefit from having their plastic glasses converted to having pad arms. Anyone with a lower nose bridge or more prominent cheekbones will benefit.

If you are a varifocal wearer, you may find that when your plastic glasses slip down your nose it can affect your vision. This is because the optical centre of the lens is shifting away from being in line with your pupil when they slip. Varifocal wearers would also benefit from having adjustable nose pads fitted to a plastic frame.


What are the reasons for having nose pad arms installed on a plastic frame?

The main issue is that the majority of glasses and sunglasses are not designed for the bone structure of people with Asian heritage, or for people with lower nose bridges.

This means that glasses frames can sit too close to the eyes, causing eyelashes to touch the lenses, and the glasses frame can sit too low, causing the bottom rims to rest against the cheeks (as seen in the photos).

Adding adjustable nose pad arms allows the frame to sit in the correct position.


How we do it

Step 1

We remove the lenses and mark the height of your existing plastic nose pad area as a reference for the new pad arm location.

Step 2

We then grind away the raised pad arm area and polish to make a smooth flat surface to mount the new pad arms.

Step 3

We mark the position of the new pad arm fixing points, we drill by hand and then push the pad arms into position.

Step 4

The adjustable pad arms are fitted and we fit either 13mm oval or 14.5mm teardrop pads (depending on the size of the frame). Alternative pad shapes sizes are available by request.

How to buy

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Do you have a question?

You can upload a photo of your frame if you would like us to assess for suitability, or if you have any questions regarding adding adjustable nose pads to your frame we will be happy to answer. We also provide lenses should this be something you would like us to provide at the same time.

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